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Yeomans House

Scheme: Private House.

Commencement: TBC.

Completion: TBC.

Visuals: AR Design Studio


This four bed family house sits in the heart of the Kent countryside surrounded by mature trees and gardens.

The house encompasses a mixture of framed and linear views across four carefully sculpted gardens that aim to each capture a piece of the surrounding landscape.

Inspired by the building and land topography of Dungeness, located on the south Kent coast, this house is a collection of five modules clustered around a peristyle courtyard. The courtyard offers a tranquil mixture of sheltered and exposed spaces that connects the rear of the four blackened timber elements together.

Each of these spaces offers a unique singular view out onto one of the four gardens, creating an ever changing seasonal experience.  These linear views are then offset by the two storey element that offers an elevated 360 degree view across the whole site.