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Homestead Farm

Scheme: Rural Development

Client: Private

Visuals: AR Design Studio



Nestled in a peaceful Hampshire village, with expansive views across the South Downs, this 14 home development was the result of a rigorous and public design process. Consultation with the local community was the key to the success of the project with the majority of the local resident’s originally against the idea of a large development in the area.


A number of previously refused applications had marred the community’s attitude towards any development on the green field site, so AR Design Studio focussed on these thoughts and views of the villagers and constructively sought a way to provide a development that was influenced by the people of the parish. By giving the local residents an opportunity to voice their concerns and give ideas, the team at AR Design Studio were able to provide a scheme that had a positive effect to the village and one that has been well accepted by the local community.


Strongly against the idea of creating a copycat and pastiche style development, an unfortunately common sight nowadays, AR Design Studio respected yet redefined the traditional form and identity of a typical Hampshire farmstead. The scheme follows the principles of a working farm and the familiarity of the building types associated with it. The threshing barn, the piggeries, the hay barn and the farm house are all components that make up the ideological image of a working farm and the team at AR Design Studio used this imagery to create clear spaces and conversant forms to provide an arrangement that comfortably suited its surroundings and more importantly provided a comfortable and content living arrangement for the new owners and tenants.

Made-up of twelve, two-bed homes and two, three bed homes the development has varying aspects that respectively focus in and out of the site. A varying level of roof heights step down towards the stunning views across the South Downs and break-up the mass of the scheme. A modest mix of materials; dark timber, natural stone, slate and clay allow the scheme to sit neutrally on the site and provides a grounded scheme that suits the local surroundings. The scheme provides generous gardens for each dwelling and a large amount of public space has been provided for the residents too. A central green space provides a municipal hub for the site, whilst an area for public allotments to the southern side of the site gives a sustainable initiative to the people of the local community. The parking areas are generous, yet discreet, as they are located in the corners of the site, leaving the large central green space to remain as a luscious green area for residents to enjoy.