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Scheme: Private House.

Commencement: TBC.

Completion: TBC.

Visuals: AR Design Studio



Just North of Winchester, the site of Iona looks over vast rolling countryside, stretching as far as the eye can see.

It seems a shame then that the existing bungalow is unable to offer the family even a glimpse of the amazing scenery that lies just outside.

With this in mind a scheme was created to maximise the potential of these views.

The decision was made to construct a new two-storey dwelling in place of the existing bungalow. This would accommodate an upside down living format to enable the open-plan living space on the first floor to open up to the landscape.

The configuration of the architecture is developed from the functionality of how each type of space relates to the site, with the final composition being drawn together under an ethos of maintaining a purity of form.