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Paddock House

Scheme: Private House, Gloucestershire.

Commencement: TBC.

Completion: TBC.

Visuals: AR Design Studio


This one off six bedroom ‘Landmark House’ is located in a grassy paddock on the eastern edge of a large lagoon situated in Gloucestershire.

Taking the lakes existing tree line and already maintained wildlife area, the proposal aims to retain and enhance the sites natural environment by introducing new species of planting, reed beds, and wildlife habitats, all fronting the lake and enhancing the visual character of the site.

The general layout is defined by four locally sourced stone walls that create an enclosed courtyard frontage at the entrance, with a more open and leisure approach towards the water’s edge. This is characterised by large terraces and balconies with oversized sliding windows and expanses of glass, connecting the building to its environment.

The materials consisting of white rendered walls, naturally weathered cedar, locally sourced Cotswold stone and ceramic tiles, respond to the local vernacular and the wildlife rich environment in which the building sits.

Ancillary satellite buildings consisting of a gym, boat store, beach store and a wildlife hide are located on the periphery of the stretched out walls, anchoring them to the site.  These satellite buildings are of the same material pallet to the main house, unifying the design and ensuring that they sit coherently in the landscape.

Various renewable energy sources will be used on the project.  Photo Voltaic panels are located on the south facing roofs, contributing to the buildings electricity consumption.  A ground source heat pump will provide hot water and heating along with a highly insulated construction, optimising the buildings efficiency.  Overhangs reduce solar gain, whilst large glazed openings allow light into all parts of the building.