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Penmere House

Scheme: Private House.

Commencement: TBC.

Completion: TBC.

Visuals: AR Design Studio


Located in Hamble this proposed contemporary family home responds to the scale, form and mass of the sites context and its surrounding area.

The proposed design is a fantastic mix of form and function. A lightweight pitched timber structure flows through the upper parts of three cubic volumes. Two of these spaces are constructed from beautiful long thin black bricks, with a third fully glazed dividing volume in between. These cubes are set in an off axis format and provide a wonderful visual depth to the site.

The design aims to provide quality living spaces whilst maximising user experience.  The contemporary design preserves the appearance of the Conservation Area through form, by taking an innovative approach to materials and details.


“I’m really looking forward to seeing this house being built.”

Nicola Reid – Planning Officer