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The Mulberry Bush Nursery

Scheme: Nursery School, Hampshire.

Commencement: March 2013.

Completion: TBC.

Visuals: AR Design Studio.



Mulberry Bush children’s nursery is a refreshing and vibrant play-school that has been transformed from an old doctor’s surgery in Locks Heath.

Our concept behind the remodel is to create a fun learning environment. It will cultivate intuitive and subconscious learning through normal play and curiosity to allow the children to grow and develop naturally.

Our design began with a quote from famous architect Louis Kahn:

“Schools began with a man under a tree, who did not know he was a teacher, discussing his realization with a few, who did not know they were students.”

The entire interior is remodelled to relate the form of the tree to the nursery building itself. A central core, clad with cork, acts as the trunk of the tree. Branches reach up over the ceiling out towards the edges of the building, offset by painted geometric forms in varying shades of green creating the feeling of a tree canopy sheltering and protecting the learning environment.

The exterior of the building is refurbished and a new contemporary entrance porch created. A new all-weather landscape garden is designed to allow for the emotional and imaginative development of children that will include art walls, forested areas and interactive facilities to stimulate inventive outdoor learning.