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“AR Design Studio very successfully reconstructed the interior of an apartment in an important listed building for me. Andy Ramus is unusual amongst architects for three reasons: first, he listens. Throughout our project he worked hard at understanding what I wanted rather than delivering from a preconception of his own. Secondly, he interprets. He has immense skill at translating often ill-expressed needs into a subtle and sometimes brilliant built environment. Thirdly, he delivers. From the selection of builders through the detailed problems of project management, his efforts centre entirely on successful resolution and completion”.

Robert Ottley
Penisular Square


“Andy designed and project managed our glass extension and rebuilt in 2005 so I have first hand experience of what it is like working as a client with Andy. His design radically changed the way we use our house; knocking down walls, a new kitchen and re-decoration throughout. We now have 3 children and are still loving the design he came up with. I am therefore biased but if you want to dicuss any of this further let me know. Obviously I think that Andy did a great job and I love what he does as when he offered me the office manager job I leapt at the chance”.

Kind Regards

Emma Stokes & Adrian Williams
Crown Heights,
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“The end product is a hundred times better than we’d have achieved coming up with our own. You’ve added far more value to the house than you’ve charged us in fees”.

David Allen


“We are really pleased with the end results and the design is excellent. I would like to say that I really enjoyed working with you and found the process really interesting”.

Rachael Elliot


“Andy has empowered our member by encouraging our member to participate in the project. He has inspired our team with a fabulous design”.

Liz Frazer
Newham Leisure Link


“In short, we simply would not have the house of our dreams if it wasn’t for AR Design Studio”.

Helena & Richard Meikle