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Scheme: Private extension and refurbishment.

Commencement: TBC.

Completion: TBC.

Visuals: AR Design Studio



Located in the heart of the Berkshire countryside, this extension and refurbishment project aims to transform and extend the existing dwelling into a contemporary family home that makes the most of the picturesque surroundings.

The main strengths and qualities of the site were identified in order to give an aspirational direction for the design. Whilst in tandem, problems with the existing property were highlighted and adapted where possible in order to maximise the potentials of the existing shell on site.

The overriding idea of the design is to provide an order to the chaotic assortment of forms making up the existing dwelling.

Taking influence from a collection of rural buildings, the proposed design strips back and simplifies the existing property, the entire interior is clarified and the exterior is re-clad in materials more responsive to the green and natural surroundings.

A dynamic architectural intervention is proposed to funnel through the site, tying the collection of buildings together and informing the passage of circulation both on the interior and exterior of the design.